Jokić Winery

Posip Jokić
On the chessboard it would be “the white king”, and such is Posip also at the table: powerful, luxurious, with strong character and, at the same time, mature and vivacious.

Marastina Jokić
Fresh, light and slightly fragrant, our Marastina is preserving the spirit of the Dalmatian vineyard - the best friend of pasta with light sauces, white sea fish, risotto is hidden in the fine harmony of citrus scents, white chestnut fruits and spices.

Chardonnay Jokić
Not intensity, but maturity and complexity, is what gives the seal to the fragrance of our Chardonnay; aromas of grapefruit, lime, green plums, apples, and pears, then white field flowers, white pepper, and spice herbs announce the strength and clear character that master the taste.

Yellow Muscat
Intensive aromas of iris, elderberry, clusters, peaches, melons and yellow apples are the main guidelines on a seductive journey through the maze of our Yellow Muscat, and the fresh ginger's tone has provided that this is not just another "Muscat of a rather sweet smell".

Men will be able to find enough strength and firmness in this unisex wine, and women will find tempting fragrances and elegance. 

When we feel the urge to experiment and play some games with the wine, then we take a little Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot, either from inox tanks or from barrique barrels- and that’s how we get our pet Cuvee.

Basement " Alexandrovich "

The Triumph (0,75 l)
Continuing the tradition of his father, King Peter I Karađorđevića - King Aleksandar started producing and bottling the finest wine vineyards Oplenac among which emphasized quality dry white wine Triumph. Sixty years later , thanks to the king's wine- ŽIVANA Tadic, a closely guarded secret production of Triumph returned to Oplenac .

Euphoria ( 0.75 l)
Semi-sweet pink wine.

Charisma ( 0.75 l)
Charisma " Shardonea " primarily reflected in the lush aromas and sumptuous taste. The wine is characterized by intense fragrance , lasting aromatic complex and full flavor .

Wines of Herzegovina

Žilavka ( 0.75 l)
Basement "Andrew " - Mostar wine . Premium dry white wine with controlled origin.

Wines of Croatia

Malvasia Vodnjak ( 0.75 l)
Quality dry white wine with geographic origin .

Dingaè ( 0.75 l)
Semi-dry red wine.

Basement ".13 juli"

Krstač ( 0.75 l)
Outstanding wine of controlled origin and quality products from the same grape varieties grown in Podgorica vineyards . Characteristics to distinguish the cross are his exceptional richness , harmoniously developed noise and light yellow color . Produced in limited quantities exclusively in the region of Montenegro .

Cormorant Pro Korda ( 0.75 l)
Wine of controlled origin and quality, made ​​from indigenous grape varieties from the vineyards of Podgorica . Wine dark ruby color, full, harmonious, very typical bouquet.

Basement " Coka "

Muscat Otonel ( 0.75 l)
Table dry white wine

Ždrepčeva blood ( 0.75 l)
An authentic product that was developed by carefully selecting a few wines . Profilisanost bouquet kindles fire , and be forgotten longing - that feeling we want to experience for yourself , join us!

Local wines

Homemade red wine ( 1,00 l )

Domestic white wine ( 1,00 l )