Tavern is a term with multiple meanings. It is primarily a basement or underground storage, the lower part of the house - ground floor.

Dalmatic taverns are symbols of the coast. Every village has at least one cult tavern where regulars gather and enjoy the fish, bevanda and maps, and they are joined by guests looking for authentic experiences.

The original meaning of the tavern is wine cellar. In the ground floor on the seaside homes, families were preparing for years and kept the wine in taverns.

Local residents will in that kind of place on their permanent table sing folk songs. A little wine, ham, cheese and enjoyment is complete.

Specifically for the tavern was that there was no permanent offer ,on the table was found offer of host, which was his catch of the day at sea and the hostess picked in the garden, and offered to guests and friends.

Mediterranean cuisine is what is offered in the taverns, it is simple to prepare, has a unique taste and is the healthiest and most delicious cuisines on this planet.

Each house had Kuzin, bedroom, bathroom and tinel - the drawing or guest room, or a room that is not used daily. Tinel are commonly experienced by those who have sufficient space or were considered to be well off, so be sure to take care tinel as the guest room.

Our space has been carefully decorated in the style they enjoyed authentic taverns. Each item and each stone hosts have carefully chosen, and the object or stone that was fortunate enough to be elected delivered into the hands of hard-working builder who gave life to them and found his proper place in the tavern.