Come and see for yourself

Welcome to the tavern TINEL - carefully furnished space in a style they enjoyed authentic dalmatic taverns.

Each item and each stone hosts carefully selected, and delivered into the hands of hard-working builder who gave life to them finding their proper place in the cellar.

Mediterranean cuisine is what was offered in the dalmatic taverns - and here, it is easy to prepare, has a unique taste and is the healthiest and most delicious cuisines on this planet. We offer a wide  selection of fine wines, fresh sea fish, roast on a spit and under the bell (the bell), grilled specialties, soups, risotto ...

We are known for organizing the celebration, promotion, meetings, romantic evenings for young couples with Mediterranean dishes, Dalmatian evenings ...

Godišnji odmor

Konoba Tinel je na kolektivnom godišnjem odmoru u periodu od 26.7.2021. do 12.8.2021.